The National Pain Foundation

Triumph Gala Dinner is an yearly event for The National Pain Foundation.

The Triumph Gala Dinner was created to recognize people living with pain,  clinicians and scientists who are making discoveries and making lives better, and other leaders from around the world who are Changing the Face of Pain.

We call the gala, Triumph, to show that pain can be overcome through family and friend support, community and government support, and to raise the awareness that, there is a Cure for Pain.

The National Pain Foundation’s Annual Triumph Gala Dinner recognizes the trailblazers from across the globe that are making a difference in the diagnosis and treatment of pain.  We bring together those who want to make a difference and to achieve our mission … Change the Face of Pain.

The Triumph Gala Dinner for The National Pain Foundation promotes philanthropy from individuals, corporations, foundations, healthcare systems and governments through silent auctions, general auctions, as well as networking to Change the Face of Pain, globally.

For information about the 2017 Triumph Awards and Gala, please email: