pain measurement scale

Compendium project is an endeavor of The National Pain Foundation.  We understand that we must bring together current science with clinical practice in order to Change the Face of Pain.

To start this process we are joining leading scientists and clinicians to define (a) what is the current science of pain (how it occurs), and (b) and current state of clinical practice (how pain is treated).

The Clinical and Scientific Advisory Council is currently working towards the publication of peer-reviewed academic works (compendiums) that that will define the current scientific thinking and clinical treatments for pain:

  • Consensus Statements: The Global State of Pain and Breakthrough pain
  • The State of the Neuroscience: What this tells us about Treating Pain and a Cure for Pain
  • The Person: Psychology and Pain
  • Pharmacological Treatment of pain: Balanced Analgesia Approach
  • Non-Pharmacological Treatment of Pain
  • Pain in Cancer
  • Pain in Non-Cancer
  • Special Considerations in Pain